Catching Up


I’ve been remiss.  Very remiss.  I haven’t touched this blog in 2 years.  You might think I’ve spent the past two years on the beach.  But no.   Since my investment in SKTCHY two years ago, I’ve invested in seven companies in ecomm/ecomm enablement and social media/social media enablement:  Everypost, HomeLight, SellBrite, Bezar, HYP3R, Blackbird and Revivn.  It’s definitely time for a portfolio update.  Here’s a quick overview of each company:

Everypost — a mobile-first app — makes it easy to curate visual content from a variety of sources, customize and schedule posts, and take greater control over your social pages.

HomeLight analyzes millions of home sales to find the best performing real estate agents so you as a seller, or buyer can chose the best agent to handle your transaction.

SellBrite makes multichannel listing and inventory management simple.

Bezar — acquired by AHALife —  is a curated marketplace for creative and inspiring objects.  Bezar was founded by Bradford Shellhammer, who also co-founded (one of my earlier investments).

HYP3R is an engagement platform for venues which helps businesses and brands identify influential customers at their locations and engage them in real-time, when it matters most.

Blackbird leverages recent advances in image recognition and natural language processing to deliver superior search relevance and recommendations.

Revivn is an enterprise electronic recycling company.  They remove outdated technology from your office, clear your data and dispose of it by reselling or recycling it.

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